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We achieve for our clients:
find new markets, retain and
develop their markets

High Quality Marketing Intelligence

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Latam countries included
the Caribbean and Brazil


Technology companies

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Qualified clients

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Transcending in the sector

For the Identification of qualified clients,
¡HQMI takes care of it!

High standards of consulting and solutions
latest generation for marketing intelligence.

Consulting Services

Starting from a deep knowledge of the markets and combining complex data mining models with AI tools….

Inside Sales

Delegating the strategy and operation of customer service centers, help desks and Inside Sales offers key benefits to….

Consulting Services

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Inside Sales Services

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Success stories

Our greatest success story is having clients that have remained for more than 15 consecutive years: SAP since 2000,
Cisco Systems since 2003, Microsoft since 2004, Oracle since 2009, IBM since 2011; and every year
We have been integrating the most important firms in the world into our credentials such as: Google, Facebook-Meta, Amazon – AWS,
who also decided that HQMI is the most important firm in predictive marketing innovation

IT Companies
The most relevant distributors
Big industries
Commerce, services, consulting
Projects and construction
Agencies that subcontract us to integrate us with their client outreach
Government and unions

Industry, wholesalers and channels at regional level

“ The HQ team is never required to be trained on the portfolios they a technology company offers, because its work team is advised from the Data Science area, by computer engineers with more than 25 years of experience in the IT/telco industry”

“ HQMI is highly specialized in open market for companies of technology because they design and strengthen the sales route of the IT solutions. They understand the business ”

“ HQMI has developed projects for more than 60 companies in the IT, with depth in infrastructure and HW companies such as Dell, Cisco Systems, EMC2, passing through SW companies such as CA-Broadcom, Google, SAP and several of their channels with whom we have developed projects in Colombia and the region ”

Automobiles, food, oil, consumer goods

“HQMI has collected the information from the SAE -Activity Seminar Edificadora contributing understanding and intelligence to the changes of the residential and non-residential construction market”

“Achieve with HQMI that the post-sales plan in a construction company passes 135 days average for a PQR to be closed to a maximum of 12 days significantly saves costs and is perfect for the relationship with owners”

“Find new clients in disruptive ways, understanding that The home buyer is not only in the sales room or media “digital”

“Support the communications strategy with a prior communication plan HQMI data mining allows us to be more effective”

“Delegate to HQMI the calls for events with VIP guests, we guarantees confidentiality and administration of data with “opt-in”

“When support and outreach is required for Webinars, HQMI makes telemarketing in a much superior way than any model traditional because it is involved in the result due to its knowledge of the market and understanding of projects by results”

Our team

Liliana Ramírez

«¡De Santander para el mundo!».


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